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Ticket Conditions

Print your ticket(s) and exchange it for a festival bracelet at the entrance.

Univerz Festival 2017 ticket conditions:

  • Minimum age is 15 years old, tickets will not be exchanged or refunded if you do not meet this requirement.
  • Your ticket is only valid on 13 may 2017 and counts for a one time access to the festival.
  • Tickets will not be refunded or exchanged for other events.
  • Counterfeiting tickets will have juridical consequences.
  • The ticket buyer agrees to be photographed and / or filmed for promotional purposes. Univerz Festival is allowed to use this material in their promo campaigns.
  • The ticket buyer agrees to the possibility be frisked for security reasons.
  • Personal info received when buying a ticket can be used for promotional purposes. All personal data is conform with the regulations of the law of 08/12/1992 regarding the protection of privacy.
  • After exchanging your ticket you will receive a festival bracelet.
  • You will only receive access to the festivalarea if you have a valid festival bracelet.
  • The festivalbracelet can not be swapped or traded. If you get caught we will take legal consequences.
  • Incase the organiser changes the program or timetable of the event out of emergency the ticket will still be valid and it won't be refunded nor exchanged.
  • Cancelling of multiple DJ's / acts outside the will of the organiser will not be a valid reason for refund.
  • Bringing of own consumptions in any packaging whatsoever is forbidden on the festivalarea. Buying a ticket implies you agree on the ban of backpacks and big bags on the festivalarea. Bags, backpacks will be checked for personal consumptions and illegal substances or weapons.
  • It is not allowed to bring or use any illegal substance on the festivalarea. Incase you get caught we will have to notify the police.
  • If you are under influence of alcohol and / or drugs you can be denied at the entrance without refund of your ticket.
  • Every possible dangerous object that can be used as a weapon is forbidden.
  • There will be lockers to place your valuable and personal items in.
  • Every stage has it's own bar and register. This will reduce queue's.
  • Digital photograph devices and video camera's are allowed with the exception of professional photo / video devices. You must have permission of the festival in order to bring your camera. Contact us via We ask you to put as many video's and pictures possible on Facebook and Youtube!
  • Pictures and / or movies that are made on the festivalarea can not be used for commercial purposes, unless given permission by the organiser.
  • It is forbidden to hang posters or spread flyers during the event. Flyers and posters will not be allowed on the street or festivalarea itself. Incase you wish to do promo please contact us via
  • Univerz Festival is very reachable with public transport. To avoid traffic jams we suggest everyone to make use of this.
  • There will be a bike stall for customers who travel via bicycle.
  • The ticketbuyer agrees to participate this event at his / her own risk and relieves the organisation of all responsibility. The ticketbuyer agrees to comply with every instruction made by the organiser in the case of public order during the event.
  • The organiser and / or her employees can not be held responsible for any injury or material / immaterial damage whatsoever.
  • The organiser has the right to refuse or remove people off the festivalarea in case they do not respect or comply with the rules above.